A Satisfied Man Is a Happy Man

Shed your worries and frustrations with the touch of a beautiful woman.

A warm smile. Delightful curves. A gentle touch.

Indulge in the attention of a sensual woman.


Enjoy an escape from your everyday world during a session with me.

My feminine charms and warm spirit will soothe and fulfill your masculine needs.


You deserve care and appreciation from a mature woman.

You will leave with a smile on your face, feeling relaxed yet full of energy.

Private location, peaceful surroundings.


The Erotic Review

You Will Love Your Session with Lila

I weave my life experiences, skills, and knowledge into my work. I spent more than a decade as a professional belly dance performer and teacher. I am a student and practitioner of ancient Shamanic spiritual sexuality practices that are similar to Tantra, yet have more of a balance between the physical and spiritual aspects. I have also studied male/female differences through the PAX programs. My sensual nature naturally leads to an affinity for touch. My passion is sharing my presence and wisdom with you to increase your pleasure and awareness to gain health, happiness, and harmony.